This is the episode where I discuss about blogging

I read Cafe David ( recently. I notice his blog is very informative and useful. =)
Then I read Raja Petra Kamaruddin and his ‘proclaimed’ facts about the current situation of Malaysia (and he is jailed for it). I just feel..what should I write in this blog?
I just feel freedom of speech in Malaysia has gone haywire where anything that can ‘destabilise’ the social status of Malaysia should be jailed without question…*huh?!*
Anyway, being a small timer here I just feel that anything I say needs to be careful of WHAT I SAY..
Instigating politicians or anything which somehow some way can ‘destabilise’ the harmony can cause me to be in a ‘uncomfortable’ situation.
Okay…that was a loads of crap I just typed.

I just want to talk about Malaysians. We love to chit chat. Love to talk about food. Love to talk about weather. Love to talk about relatively anything. We are a nation of complainers. We love to talk and talk and talk and talk to the degree of gossiping and back stabbing and bla bla bla..
Are we so bored with our own lives that we need to talk about others? I know my own close relative who loves to talk about things he has ABSOLUTELY no control about (or more like DOES NOTHING about it). He talks about our political situation (Najib being the next PM), the TV shows (how EARTH HOUR is a waste of time..those #@$#@$ americans should do it), and etc.
Now, why talk about it? Does it solve the problem? Or does it create a negative mindset within you? The way we think (based on the Secret) is that we become what we think about..If we keep thinking negatively, we will become negative. IF we think in a positive manner, we will become POSITIVE. Birds of a feather flocks together. Same mindset, same mentality, gathers together..Therefore, who do you want to be? NEGATIVE or POSITIVE?
The real reason for our depressing economy right now is BUSINESS CONFIDENCE! WHAT is business confidence? Being positive or negative right?! Really, the way to boost the economy quickly is for people to generate wealth and income by being positive (spending, investments, etc.) and getting MONEY to flow around the economy…I’m doing my part, Are you?

Gold Chan

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This is the episode about life, work, etc.

Today I am stuck in a crossroad..

I am currently working as a Business Developer cum Trainer cum Koncho cum Assistant to everything..

Am looking back at the year past and it’s go0d to reflect on my performance

To date, how many clients have I managed to seal a deal: 1

how many contacts have I made during the duration of my work : 350

What else have I been doing during my job stay:

1) Preparing proposals

2) Meeting clients to present Credentials, proposals..

3) Conducting Training

4) Odd jobs

Now, the thing is what is my plan for this year..

I got choice of :

(A) continue doing what I’ve always been doing which I THINK my BOSS would not like (I think he wants me to find another job..)

(B) redefine my job and work harder (Which I do not know whether I can)

(C) find a new job (now..which company wants to hire me lah..just rejected one offer of Marketing Executive)

The thing I like about the job:

1) flexi hours

2) Fun (I have loads of fun)

3) The people I meet, the knowledge I gain

The things I don’t like:

1) The inconsistency of clients (last minute cancellation and bla bla bla)

2) The inconsistent mood of my boss

3) The fact that I’m not doing too well makes me feel miserable..

I just feel that I want to get more than I deserve..sigh..

Cham…I’m in a dilemma…don’t know what to do..HELP!!!!

New Year Resolution: Join KLPac for Drama Acting classes…

Gold Chan

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This is the episode of the Chicken Rice guy and the Taxi man..

Ha ha! It’s been awhile since I came here..

This experience of mine may sound common but just like to share with you. =)

Just 2 days ago after conducting a session of training at a hotel I decided to go to a chicken rice shop (to makan chicken rice-lah!) and I spoke to the chicken rice man. He seems like a nice guy (someone around 30s) and was kinda chatty (cause not many customers at that time..). He went on speaking about ‘Rights to vote’ and how he had the ‘tidak apa’ attitude in exercising his rights to vote! I asked him did he vote the last election and he said No. This is how our conversation went:

Me: Why didn’t you vote?
Chicken Rice Guy (CRG): No time la! Got shop to jaga!
Me: EH? No time? If I was not wrong there’s a school nearby here was used as a voting center right? Won’t take you more than 30 mins to settle everything..
CRG: Haiya! No need lah! 1 vote they won’t miss lah!
Me: …… what you mean 1 vote they won’t miss?
CRG: Haiya…the election so predictable..sure la BN win in Johor…my vote don’t matter lah! (he seems to like to say lah a lot)

Me: Eh…you saw the last election right? It was a swing in votes for many places…even some places (constituencies) in Johor went to opposition. Each vote was important as right? (at this time i a bit bengang with the fella)
CRG: Haiya..ya lah! But doesn’t affect me lor…BN win..DAP win…anybody win also I still have to sell chicken rice rice bowl more important than the person sitting in that MPJBT! (the municipal council of Johor)

Me: (silence…) pointed at roast pork.. Eh, your roast pork very nice! (sui yoke)

CRG: Ya lah! I specially make one!

Me: Your chicken halal or not?

CRG: No lah..where got halal! No malay will come here lah! You sot (dumb) ah?

Me: Do you know that by not voting there is an opportunity you can lose your rice bowl?

CRG: AH? You curse my business ah?

Me: No no no! Don’t get me wrong..I just telling you this. Let’s say majority of people like you..don’t care about voting as you think it does not matter…and you all went on with your daily lives..Then suddenly, an extremist party wins your area by minority..what do you think MIGHT happen?

CRG: Nothing lah…

Me: Maybe nothing..but what if they said this area Perling (that’s where he is) is to be stricken of non-halal restaurants and every restaurant is to be suffer or not? how long you here already?

CRG: 8 years already lor..

Me: Eh, your chicken not halal..pork not halal! maybe only sell rice and cucumbers…you suffer or not? then you close shop already lah!

CRG: …(silence)

Me: Next time…don’t think your votes don’t matter…it may not affect you but may affect future generations..think about it ok?

CRG: okay la! (went off to cut more chicken as got customer come)

I left the place. The guy said Thank you very much! come again! Hope he learnt 2 cents worth of advice there…

Then at the evening I went to Sutera Mall as my client (Carrefour) was there and wanted to be mystery shopper to see how they are doing. So I hitched a taxi there. The driver was a malay guy with long hair (looked like the 90s Megadeth hairstyle) so we had a casual conversation..

Taxi: Dari mana?
Me: KL lah..
Taxi: Oh…datang sini buat apa?
Me: datang khusus..

I think I shall just translate to English-lah!

Taxi: Oh..long time here ah?
Me: No lah..going back this weekend..
Taxi: Hmmm..nowadays must be careful ya…economy going to recession.. My wife got one month non paid leave from factory (Japanese factory) for this month and will only start next month. Better than retrenchment..
Me: Ya lah ya lah!

Then he start talking about how this economy recession can lead to more crimes as people will lose their jobs..he spoke a lot about Indonesians turning violent as he picked up a guy with bad bruises as this guy had been beaten up by thugs and stole his bag (got money and passport). Then all of a sudden he spoke about the Government should be fixed and stuff.

Taxi: You whole life (39 years old) I never voted. Cause I am indifferent to whoever wins.

Me: (thinking…eh?! Another guy who doesn’t vote..*sigh*)

Taxi: I picked up one lady “kuat politics”. She asked me why I didn’t vote. Then I asked her back ‘what is the benefit of me voting?’ and she said all the standard answers like practising your right as a Malaysian citizen and etc.. I told her, I am proud to be Malaysian, however, the votes are only the benefits of the politicians. It does not affect me. What is this Malay rights they keep preaching? My rights are not given. The rights they keep preaching about is just to scare us and to divide us all from Malays and Non Malays…

He continued speaking about how he tried to apply for low cost housing and still couldn’t get it (he applied for about 1 1/2 years). He said irregardless of who wins the elections, he still have to pay his own stuffs. Have to send kids to school. Have clothes to buy, food to feed, etc. All these not provided by the government. All this will not improve my way of life. The only benefit I can see is that hospital is cheap for me as a Malaysian citizen.

Me: Haih…so you think not important? Let me ask you, how long have you been driving this taxi?

Taxi: Sudah lama adik…15 tahun..

Me: Expensive or not to maintain this Waja of yours?

Taxi: Of course! I was the first few pioneers in JB to drive the Waja taxi. Good car, however maintenance very expensive.

Me: What is expensive? Spare parts? Servicing?

Taxi: Haiya.. all lah! brakes, tyres, etc..

Me: I see. So tyres quite expensive right? Monthly license fees also quite expensive right?

Taxi: Ya lah!

Me: Think about this. If all taxi drivers don’t vote..and an incompetent politician takes over. Decides to cut back expenses on road maintenance (makan duit) stating ‘Government no budget’. Will you sakit or not?

Taxi: (silence..)

Me: Eh, look at this newly tar-ed road. This was done prior to the elections right? Easy on your tyres, easy on your brakes, easy on your car right? If they decided to cut back on road repair works, a lot of pot holes in the road, what is going to happen to your car? MAINTENANCE is going to increase significantly right?

Taxi: ya….

At this time I had reach my destination. I thanked the guy and told him to think about how he can make a difference to his life.

There. That is the story of my experience. 2 incidents, 1 common goal. So I do encourage everyone to VOTE your rights! It does not matter whom you support, just exercise your rights to vote!

Gold Chan

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This is the episode of updating my life…

Dear Diary,

It’s been a REALLY long while since I came here. What shall I talk about?

Let’s go!

Name: Jin-Tian (haven’t changed my name..ha ha! Gotcha!)

Age: still 24..

Status of relationship: *seeing someone..*




Now! Let’s talk about the current economic status of Malaysia. Looks like we’re heading towards another financial crisis 2008. Hmmmm..with the subprime issues of America, it will be very soon will we see Malaysia being hit badly in the financial market as stocks shall plummet and prices of goods and services shall RISE! *with exception to petrol price of course…so happy that it has dropped to a decent price*

Now, looks like Najib is going to be our NEW PM! We will see on how he is going to do, however I have my doubts on his capabilities. Why I say so? Because I do not trust his face. He has a dubious, non trustworthy face and I believe the reason why no one challenged him is because Abdullah will not allow anyone to do so…

ha ha ha!

Now enough about Malaysia. Let’s talk about our neighbour, Singapore. They are being hit as I am typing this right now.. It is estimated that 100,000 people will lose their jobs (for Malaysians working there). However, the majority of the mentioned workers are blue collar (working in Merchandising, Factories, etc.) and the white collar friends are still not badly affected. Should the current situation persist on, they might just feel the crunch of the economy as well.


Now, work has been TEDIOUSLY exciting yet TREMENDOUSLY stressful.

Haven’t had a great social life, have not met much of my friends, neglected cell group life (haven’t gone to church for 2 weeks already)



I just received an increase in my pay! *Yahoo!*

Am involved in other aspects of the job..very good learning experience

Am contemplating to join the ARTS and ENTERTAINMENT industry..possibly theater acting. Will keep up to date about this..

I am curing my face of acne although slow and tedious process


I am still not doing well in job…only have one client

Stress level is still high..unsure about potential clients

Neglecting family..not been spending a lot of time with them..been stuck at work nearly everyday..

Well, haven’t had much motivating friends around me. Well, partially its my fault cause I have not been keeping in touch with them…..

Gold Chan

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This is the episode about speaking well and more quizzies..

I feel terribly awfully drained and useless..

Went on with my daily work of contacting clients, and guess what? Outcome = ZERO! no appointments. How do I live from day to day on a miserable paycheck without earning commission? That is just simply ridiculous. I just thought to myself, ‘How do I speak better in order to sound more convincing and have the innate ability to draw people close to me to WANT to meet me?’ *Wow…mouthful there*

Well, I just googled it..and guess what? So much information, so little wisdom! *That just sucks doesn’t it?*

Anyways, I You-Tubed and managed to find a couple of fine examples of training on vocal chords which I am going to practice right away! Ha ha ha!

Felt compelled to do more quizzies so here goes!

Question #1

*Have you ever stolen? YES! TONNES of TIMES! *mostly girl’s hearts!* Wa ha ha! *kembang kembang*
Question #2

*Have you ever cheated on a test? Hmmm…I think once or twice during primary school days
Question #3

*cheated with someone else? Ha ha…Yeap!
Question #4

*How often do you use four letter words? LOVE? All the time! FISH? Sometimes! F**K? Hmmmmm…no really that many times
Question #5

*How often do you drive above the speed limit? Hmmm..not very often but quite often..
Question #6

*Have you committed vandalism? Vandalism ah? Small small one..nothing too biggy..
Question #7

*Have you ever smoked? Ha ha! *proudly puff out chest* Nope!
Question #8

*Tried drugs? Am Asthmatic okay?! Constantly pumping drugs into my system on a regular basis..
Question #9

*Played strip poker? Ha ha! Yeah! *but with a guy..DAMN…and LOST!*
Question #10

*Taken candy from a child? Hmmmm…only when the child offered it to me ‘graciously’…
Question #11

*Crash into someone’s car?                    Ha ha! Damn! Got lah! But the car was in park mode..
Question #12

*Danced naked in public? Ha ha! *phew* Haven’t yet..
Question #13

*Ran from the police? Ha ha ha! *secret*
Question #14

*Skipped class? Countless times lah!
Question #15

*Run over an animal? Run over ah? Got knocked into, but didn’t kill the animal..
Question #16

*Watched pornography? Ha ha ha! 😀
Question #17

*Made a prank phone call? Prank call ah? Hmmm…actually, don’t think I did though..

Well, the above is to see how BAD I am…So base on the results, I am a Pretty BAD @$$! *shucks* and to think I was always goody two shoes…

Gold Chan

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First…and Last…

I was visiting my old friend’s website and found this so I thought of trying it out myself! Here goes!! =D


First best friend: Benjamin Preman (He has emigrated to Australia and is now engaged to his fiance..expected to get married end of the sweet..)

First date: Hmmm…I would say Form 4 with Choo Khye Shin..(year is 2000)

First Break-up:Emilia (we were in puppy love when I was standard 3..ha ha ha!)

First screen name: Hmm…I think it was ‘ThE_KiNg’ (inspired by Titanic..’I’m the king of the world!!!’)

First self purchased album: Backstreet Boys’ first album

First funeral : Grandmother’s in 1993 (last living grand parent)

First pets: Had a pet dog when I was born

First piercing/tattoo: none..=D

First credit card: Public Bank Visa card

First true love: Choo Khye Shin..though it was a really short one..

First enemy: I guess it was Nicholas (gangster when I was standard 3..found out later that he was one of my friend’s brother..arghhh…)

First big trip: Florida!!!*went to Universal Studios and Disneyland!*

First play/musical/performance: Phantom of the Opera in Singapore

First musician you remember hearing in your house: Hmmm..tough one..Either was The Beatles or New Kids on the Block


Last cigar:None…never touched that

Last kiss: Hmmm…*secret*

Last good cry: In my dream..when I returned from an adventure…

Last library book checked out: Wow! That was ages ago..possibly Muscle and Fitness 2006 from my club’s library (before I joined the Fitness First gym)

Last movie seen: The Other Boleyn Girl (good movie..worth a watch)

Last beverage drank:

Last food consumed: Chicken Rice! (for lunch! ha ha! ta-pao-ed)

Last crush: Hmmmmm….suet foong

Last phone call: My colleague called me to rush to office..*sigh*

Last tv show watched: Friends re-run!

Last time showered: this morning! Warm shower! he he he!

Last shoes worn: my white shoes to work!

Last cd played: Becoming a Man – Liberation of Women – Pst. Kong Hee (love his work!)

Last item bought: Hmmm…chicken rice lor

Last annoyance: Rushing back to work from lunch!

Last disappointment: Er….hmmmmm….possibly that time where I was disappointed with myself

Last soda drank: Diet Coke! at McDs!

Last ice cream eaten: Ice cream cone at McD’s

Last time wanting to die: Hmmm..during my depression period..

Last time scolded: Hmmm…possibly it was during my break from Ian Zing

Last website visited:The website from which I got this questionaire from!

Ha ha ha!

Well, that’s all for now…=D

Gold Chan

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This is the episode where…

Hmmmm….Today is Malaysia Day…September 16. The day where A NEW ERA Begins…NEW RESOLUTION..the day where SABAH and SARAWAK joined Tanah Melayu to form Malaysia…The day where I had dierrhea and had to go toilet….

Hmmm..I’m about to meet a potential client from the property company in 1 hour..and here i am blogging..*wtf??*

I just checked my account balance for my credit card bills…I am SO F**KING in debt man! ****!!!! I am more than RM 2k owing the credit card companies!! *****!!!!! I really don’t know how am I going to settle all my debts by end of this month…*sigh**….

I have been using credit card to pay for a lot of things…my petrol, my car repair, misc. stuffs…shit lah!

i really need a financial breakthrough in my finances…sigh….

Empty pocket...

Empty pocket...


just ate dinner. Had Singapore mee LaLa Chong Restaurant..

The client today was interesting. He is a young (30+) energetic, good looking, and ambitious sort of guy. Wow! Impressed me! Ha ha! He works out too! Shucks! The dream job! Well, hope I can get some business from him…

I noticed writing about my life to a certain extend can be boring. Hmmm..before that, I managed to find a solution to my credit card problem. I am to apply for another credit card (WHAT?? another one!) and balance transfer my remainder to this card cause the interest rate per month is only 4.99%! My current one is 15% per year! diueeeeeeee!

Let me pick a random topic at hand! Hmm…the first thing that comes to mind is sex  LOVE! Let’s talk about love!

Love is a wondrous is the very thing that keeps me alive till today. (WHAT? THat’s it?!!)

Love thy neighbours like thyself… Good biblical phrase..THAT’S IF YOU LOVE YOURSELF!

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Of the past few weeks

Wow..A lot of things have happened in my life throughout the last post that I well…posted…

Let me *errr…* get right to it.

I guess the significant thing that happened in my life was EMERGE 2008. What is that? Well, it is a youth conference held by City Harvest to inspire youth to understand and clearly know what God has installed for them.. *wink*

Well, I participated in 3 events:

1) Hosting (failed miserably..didn’t even get the 1st phase)

2) Arm Wrestling (ha ha..did not intend to join actually, however was coax-ed by my cluster leader to join and realised I was 85 KG! Wahlau-eh, overweight! So that pushes me up to the above 80 kg category..anyhow, I realised many of the participants were just FAT..hahaha! good chance for me!) So what happened, I wrestled with about 4 guys..and I managed to get a BRONZE for my effort! Wa ha ha ha! My first ever MEDAL in Emerge conference!!

3) Fastest Talker!

Ha ha! Now this is a doozy…what is Fastest Talker? basically, you’re given a sentence and you are supposed to say the sentence the FASTEST and CLEAREST way you can EVER SAY! *simple right?* WRONNGGGGG!!

It was so tough…as many as 50 participants joined this event..and it was nerve wrecking..I said to myself “Just pass first round good enough-la!* However, miracles started happening…I went from top 50 to top 25 to top 10 to top 5 until all the way to the FINALSS!! *ARRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!! jumping with joy!!!* The finals were me, Jen-Li and Hazel. *top 3 of the FASTEST TALKER! WOOO HOOO!*

The day itself came..WAHHH SIUUU!! Nervous like heck! Didn’t know that my competition will be after Praise and Worship! =p and it’s considered the LAST COMPETITION of the conference! All the top guns infront there! Wahsiiuuu…

Previously, the sentences we had to say were really short (like 10 words or less..) but for the FINALS the sentences were LIKE 20 WORDS LONG!! Below are some of the pictures:

My first sentence..wah lau! I look fat!

My first sentence..wah lau! I look fat!

This one right…I was so nervous! Bad standing posture! ha ha ha! Well, glad to say that I passed the first round!

See the sentence?!!

See the sentence?!!

Anyways, here we are! the top 2 finalist! Hazel and Me! So we were rehearsing to say this sentence REALLY FAST and REALLY CLEAR!! Woo hooo!!! AND I WON!!!! MY FIRST EVER WINNING GOLD! 3!@$#@#%$$#@$#@$!!!!! *censorship board came to this article before it could be published*

Me collecting my RSH RM 100 voucher!

Me collecting my RSH RM 100 voucher!

This is me collecting my voucher / prize / reward / honor.. ha ha ha ha! I was so like freaking happy lah!! So so tension up there! ha ha ha!



My Final SHOUT!! Ha ha! SSSMMMMMMUUUUUUUUUU! *which is my cluster by the way..Sunway Monash University – not smu..*

Anyways, I like this photo but it makes me look like SUPER FAT LAH! *By the way..I’m not THAT fat okay? eventhough I weigh 85 kg*


Well, it was good that I managed to attend all 3 days of the conference. *And Suet Foong managed to attend too! Praise God! =D It makes me happy that she saw me perform…haha* It was an enjoyable experience and it makes me wanna EMMEERRGGEE! Ha ha! Maybe I’lll join security ministry!

Anyway, Emerge was like last month. Now it’s September. This past week has been tiring on me physically and emotionally. I was so drained that I went through depression…*bloody hell..DEPPRESSSIONN?!!*

Couldn’t control my feelings as I did not look forward to this whole week at all! Had to report to my boss on a daily basis through e-mail *he’s in KK* on what I’m doing EvERYDAY! ARRRGGGHHH!

Anyways, I made a vow to choose my ATTITUDE and have the RIGHT ATTITUDE no matter what happens! So first time in my life, I went to GYM EVERYDAY for the past 5 dayS! Woo hooo! *step on weighing scale…WTF??!! 84 kg ONLY!!??*

I actually secretly am inspired to look good physically. I hoped I could possibly be a fitness model and inspire others to take up the exercising lifestyle. One of my icons that I truly admire is Stan McQuay.

This is Stan

This is Stan

I forgot whether he is Asian or Hawaiian…hmmmm..anyways, he inspires me cause he is SMART, Good looking, is a Fitness Trainer, and Owns his own gym. I feel like I want to follow that route of starting my own gym too! ha ha! *wishful dream I guess*

Well, that’s all for now…

Keep pumping and have a GREAT DAY! Wooo hoooo!

Gold Chan

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The inevitable feeling..

Today was a sad day…

Where do I begin? Let me start with my career life.

I graduated from Monash University Malaysia in June 2006 and was offered a job in Farooq Consultants as a Total Interactive Training Specialist (T.I.T.S – thanks to my boss for coming with the name!) and my main job functions were to improve on current training modules, deliver training modules, and find ways and means to make it more exciting! Did that job for ONE year until I was given the GOLDEN opportunity to start my own wellness retreat center with my COUSIN! *Wow!*

The job was based in Skudai and I was offered the position of Chief Operating Officer with a pay of about RM5k! *bloody good!* It was basically just 3 of us in this project to kick start a 13 acre piece of land into a GRAND wellness retreat center! Wow~ great times there!

Unfortunately, I coasted in that job without really applying myself as the job required me to be EXTREMELY good at taking initiatives and being PROACTIVE! =D So I left the company in 6 months as we couldn’t foresee the company coming to pass…*the whole project cost RM100 million and we couldn’t see any breakeven even after 5 years operations*

The good thing I learnt from that job was:

1) Being responsible and taking ownership of my job function (which I didn’t..)

2) Developing Great Network! (MY cousin was so well connected that he could just make a couple of calls to get the things he needed..very sharp and smart entrepeneur)

3) Believing that BIG dreams are possible to achieve! *I always wanted to develop my career in the Fitness industry and had the chance to do so*

Anyways, March 2008 came and we had to close down the company..I came back to KL jobless and disheartened..I had abandoned hopes of working in KL cause I gave my all to make my job in Johor a success but I couldn’t. So that week was very taxing on me emotionally.. =(

My other partner over there was still stayed backto work for my cousin and the latest plan I heard from him was that he was going to develop a BUDGET HOTEL. WTF?!! From wellness center to budget hotel?!! Damn..I’m so glad that I left the company as I REALLY can’t see myself doing that lah!

I came back to KL with big credit card debts and needed to find a job quickly to help me settle it fast! I went crawling back to Farooq Consultants looking for a high paying job and the only job he could offer me was in Sales. I decided to give it a try as I needed to improve on my selling skills. So the incentives was good and I felt God has given me a second chance at a comeback..

Boy…Reality hits you hard! I felt like a high flyer in Johor feeling I could conquer all but being in this company made me realise I have not been applying myself!

Bad work habits that I have developed all these while:

1) Slacking at work doing non-productive activities e.g. Facebooking, chatting, etc..

2) Not taking job responsibility nor ownership of what I was doing e.g. Not being proactive but more of taking orders of what to do next..

3) Bad discipline of time e.g. Time urgentness was not a huge factor for me and I could be happy with myself doing the minimal..

Now I’m in a dilemma..

I have developed some really bad work habits which I must change immediately!

I remember Anthony Robbins once said that the reason why people don’t change is because they feel that the change is a ‘SHOULD’ and not a ‘MUST’.

e.g. I should go on a diet, I should lose weight, I should be more punctual, etc…

BUT THEY DON’T CHANGE! Why? because they don’t see a sense to do so…

First Anthony’s principle: People will only change when they see it as a MUST to change, not a SHOULD..

e.g. I must be more loving, I must apply myself, etc.

When people apply themselves, you’ll notice that it’s always a must for them and not a should!

Another principle from Anthony: People will change when they associate the change to either EXTREME PLEASURE or EXTREME PAIN!

This is not an S&M topic yeah! *don’t get naughty thoughts into your head*

What he basically said is that people will change when they ASSOCIATE great rewards e.g. if I start exercising, I’ll look better/healthier.. or GREAT pain e.g. If I don’t apply myself at work, I’ll get sacked!

And the thing about PAIN/PLEASURE principle is that it must be IMMEDIATE!

For example,

I must IMMEDIATELY reward myself for exercising today e.g. Eat ice cream as a form of reward so that I associate working out to ICE CREAM!


I must feel IMMEDIATE pain when I’m smoking now *and not think about cancer only affecting me later*

Smart guy this Anthony Robbins. Really wish to learn alot from him! =D

Anyways, how does that apply to me? In order to change my work habits in work, I must associate IMMEDIATE PAIN or IMMEDIATE PLEASURE to me applying the change. However, this is where I get stuck.

I do not reward myself for achieving my goals e.g. Getting meetings, Calling up clients, etc. as I feel those tasks are too miniscule to reward myself

And i don’t push myself if I feel pain. I just go into self depression and self pity mode and I can linger there for awhile before I perk myself back up at the GYM. I just don’t see myself applying myself during depressions.

However, I have pushed myself when people around tell me I can do it with constant encouragement! I find myself pushing myself beyond the limit when people do so..However, I can’t have a LIFETIME coach keep pushing me everytime I feel down. No one is able to do that..

So what can i do? Options are to apply myself at work OR to find something else to do.

I read somewhere where the author said do not waste your life working on your weaknesses BUT IMPROVE ON YOUR STRENGTHS! I find doing this job right now in SALES is to improve my weakness in sales as I was always afraid to do sales..

And nowadays I don’t look forward to going to job everyday as I get depressed in the mornings when I think of all the !@#!#!@ i have to do..with my job in Skudai I looked forward to going to work everyday.. =)

Now…what things do I look forward to doing?

1) Going to gym. *I’m one of the rare few people who actually ENJOY the PAIN of working out as I feel the RESULTS of my hardwork* If I can go gym everyday I would! =D

2) Going to RESTAURANT. *hahaha! I like to eat lah!*

3) Going to the acting studio / tv hosting / entertainment line. *I believe I can be an actor and constantly go there to work as I find that very enjoyable. I just feel Malaysia has not much to offer in the PERFORMING ARTS as it does not really pay the bills so I have to do this part time..*

4) Training.. physical training that is. I enjoy working out with people and see their lifes improve before my eyes. I associate leading a healthy lifestyle to the way you lead your life. Being discipline in this area would make you discipline in your social life/work life/sex life/ etc.. I look forward to the day when one of the people I’ve trained will look back and say “you know what? I became like this because of you!” I’ll feel so proud then! I actually have a test subject already in progress but she hasn’t really thanked me for the work I’ve done for her! ha ha!

There..a but long winded today but i just feel like pouring out my heart about my work..Now, I’m scared to look for a new job as I DO NOT WANT TO BRING my BAD WORK HABITS together with me. I want to improve on that and then only apply for a job…but how long will that take? Hmmmm…

Gold Chan

p/s – This inevitable feeling of mine has screwed up my love life.. Feel like I can’t buy anything, can’t provide, not being responsible..sigh…=( Don’t think I deserve to be in a relationship at all…

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Let me talk and talk and talk..

After looking at my previous entries, I realise that the entries I posted (as Simon Cowell would say) ‘utter nonsense’. I went through (and I bet half of you bloggers out there went through it too) is called Writer’s Block! Ha ha ha! Must let the creativity flow out of me like diarrhea in a toilet bowl…LOUD, FAST, and….SWIMMINGLY??

Hmmm..what shall I talk about today? Okay..I shall segregate my topics to whatsoever I wish to type about..

1) Olympics..

2) Petrol Price

3) About me!

Ha ha! Okay…about Olympics.. Did you know that the Olympic rings represent the ELEMENTS of the EARTH (Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, and Earth)??!! Ha ha! Betcha didn’t know!

Well, anyways, being a proud Jalur Gemilang fan…I was disappointed with Malaysia’s performance. Initially I thought that we only joined 3 sports (Badminton, Sailing, and Shooting) but later I realised we also joined Taekwondo! *makes Bruce Lee’s Woooaaaa!*

The only game I saw of us PROUD TO BE MALAYSIAN is Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan! Bloody hell…2 hot guys! *frust frust frust*

Chong Wei

Chong Wei

Frankly, disappointing performance from Malaysian’s side due to the amount of pressure faced. Anyhow, glad that he’s now a Grandpa (Datuk-lah!) and has gotten RM300,000 for bringing home the silver..=)

Either than that, Olympics is fun! Glad to see people cheering on their favourite teams and to see the amount of sportmanship and enthusiasm makes me feel that this world can use more buddy buddy friendship and not a lot of War..

Reminds me of this joke..please do not get offended whatsoever you are!

It is a common knowledge of Middle Easterns are not able to say the ‘P’ word as in their language there is no ‘P’ sounding words. This is similar to the Chinese not being able to pronounce the ‘R’ word cause in the Chinese language there is no ‘R’ sounding words. (A bit of Human Sociology fact for you!)

Bringing back to my story, Saddam Hussein was making passionate love to his wife and she was reaching orgasm and she kept shouting ‘BUSH! BUSH!’

This started the eternal war between the Northern Country and the Middle Country! *she meant to say PUSH okay for you slow people out there*

2) Petrol Price

It was announce yesterday (read today’s paper) that the Government had reduce the price of petrol down by 15 sen to RM 2.55 per litre! *GOD DAMN IT! I just pumped petrol yesterday!!*

pumping petrol

pumping petrol

Anyhow, this is viewed (IMHO) as a populous move due to the Permatang Pauh elections coming up with the GREAT NEMESIS YAB DYMM TAN SRI DATUK DR WHATEVER Anwar Ibrahim. UMNO is scared of this guy having the capacity to actually TALK SENSE! *Wow…that is Malaysia for you* and have the power to sway the whole nation to accept him as the new Prime Minister..

I’m not very particular on this and shall try to be humbly non bias about this..Malaysia needs to have some reformation in the 1) judiciary system (bring back the JURY system man!) 2) Law enforcement system (RM 10 cukup tak bang?) and 3) quota system (We are one of the FEW nations giving privelleges to MAJORITY population, not the MINORITIES)

I just feel that the current Government needs a strong opposition to bring balance to the POWER (AYAM TELOR!! I AM THE LAW!!)!! *may the force be with you* However, I don’t believe Anwar is the right person to be the one..for I believe a LEOPARD does not change its spots that quickly*

Let’s not forget this:

1) He is the person that grows a janggut (how clean can he be man! Think of him slurping up that Kari Mee with the belacan stuck in that beard of his)

2) He was the person (when Education Minister) who changed the school end year holiday to November and to start school in December (So that Christians can’t celebrate XMAS properly! =p) *luckily that was changed when he left that post*

3) He rioted damn bloody banyak times when he studied in University Malaya for Malay rights and was arrested twice for the events..

4) When he challenged Dr. M for PM post..he kept shouting for Malay Rights and ignored us MINORITIES..

Anyhow, I know his strategy has changed! *being in prison for a while makes you think you know..especially having his @$$ being ******** constantly*

He knew that the people that grows the economy are the Chinese and Indians! He needed OUR support to make a difference and therefore his strategy has changed tremendously..and guess what? IT IS WORKING! Malaysians are so forgetful of what happened in the past *fail your history some more la!* and they keep thinking of the present concurent situations that they do not think of the future..

Anyways, to wrap this up, I just think that Anwar may not be the right person to suit the job. I just think he is the ‘Lesser of 2 evils..UMNO vs ANWAR..’

Why does Pak Lah only does his work at night?

Answer: Cause he’s PM, not AM….

3) About myself..


er…I’ll start with my Likes

LIKES: sleeping, going gym, eating, watching tv, watching movie, reading, etc..

DISLIKES: irritating people, annoying people, dumb people, being stressed, etc..

ha ha! err…hmmm…

Maybe I should be clearer on this:

My perceived STRENGTHS: Cute-ness man! *eh, i’m cute okay?!* / Ability to Public Speak *Hear ey hear ey!* / Gaze into a girl’s eye and melt her HEART *cheh wah!!* / Think of BULLS**T ideas on the spot *BUSH anyone?* / Speaking fluently and gelling well with adults and kids *can’t seem to connect with my age group..*

My perceived WEAKNESSES: Lazy / Annoying at times / Insensitive / Brash About Things / Easily get bored with routines / Difficulty Breaking Bad Habits / Negative Thinking at times..



Well, there you have it..

Hmm..the time is 3.00 a.m. *WTF???!!!*

Belly still round round..blame LSF for that..=p

Gold Chan

p.s. – hungry lah..

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