Let me talk and talk and talk..

After looking at my previous entries, I realise that the entries I posted (as Simon Cowell would say) ‘utter nonsense’. I went through (and I bet half of you bloggers out there went through it too) is called Writer’s Block! Ha ha ha! Must let the creativity flow out of me like diarrhea in a toilet bowl…LOUD, FAST, and….SWIMMINGLY??

Hmmm..what shall I talk about today? Okay..I shall segregate my topics to whatsoever I wish to type about..

1) Olympics..

2) Petrol Price

3) About me!

Ha ha! Okay…about Olympics.. Did you know that the Olympic rings represent the ELEMENTS of the EARTH (Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, and Earth)??!! Ha ha! Betcha didn’t know!

Well, anyways, being a proud Jalur Gemilang fan…I was disappointed with Malaysia’s performance. Initially I thought that we only joined 3 sports (Badminton, Sailing, and Shooting) but later I realised we also joined Taekwondo! *makes Bruce Lee’s Woooaaaa!*

The only game I saw of us PROUD TO BE MALAYSIAN is Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan! Bloody hell…2 hot guys! *frust frust frust*

Chong Wei

Chong Wei

Frankly, disappointing performance from Malaysian’s side due to the amount of pressure faced. Anyhow, glad that he’s now a Grandpa (Datuk-lah!) and has gotten RM300,000 for bringing home the silver..=)

Either than that, Olympics is fun! Glad to see people cheering on their favourite teams and to see the amount of sportmanship and enthusiasm makes me feel that this world can use more buddy buddy friendship and not a lot of War..

Reminds me of this joke..please do not get offended whatsoever you are!

It is a common knowledge of Middle Easterns are not able to say the ‘P’ word as in their language there is no ‘P’ sounding words. This is similar to the Chinese not being able to pronounce the ‘R’ word cause in the Chinese language there is no ‘R’ sounding words. (A bit of Human Sociology fact for you!)

Bringing back to my story, Saddam Hussein was making passionate love to his wife and she was reaching orgasm and she kept shouting ‘BUSH! BUSH!’

This started the eternal war between the Northern Country and the Middle Country! *she meant to say PUSH okay for you slow people out there*

2) Petrol Price

It was announce yesterday (read today’s paper) that the Government had reduce the price of petrol down by 15 sen to RM 2.55 per litre! *GOD DAMN IT! I just pumped petrol yesterday!!*

pumping petrol

pumping petrol

Anyhow, this is viewed (IMHO) as a populous move due to the Permatang Pauh elections coming up with the GREAT NEMESIS YAB DYMM TAN SRI DATUK DR WHATEVER Anwar Ibrahim. UMNO is scared of this guy having the capacity to actually TALK SENSE! *Wow…that is Malaysia for you* and have the power to sway the whole nation to accept him as the new Prime Minister..

I’m not very particular on this and shall try to be humbly non bias about this..Malaysia needs to have some reformation in the 1) judiciary system (bring back the JURY system man!) 2) Law enforcement system (RM 10 cukup tak bang?) and 3) quota system (We are one of the FEW nations giving privelleges to MAJORITY population, not the MINORITIES)

I just feel that the current Government needs a strong opposition to bring balance to the POWER (AYAM TELOR!! I AM THE LAW!!)!! *may the force be with you* However, I don’t believe Anwar is the right person to be the one..for I believe a LEOPARD does not change its spots that quickly*

Let’s not forget this:

1) He is the person that grows a janggut (how clean can he be man! Think of him slurping up that Kari Mee with the belacan stuck in that beard of his)

2) He was the person (when Education Minister) who changed the school end year holiday to November and to start school in December (So that Christians can’t celebrate XMAS properly! =p) *luckily that was changed when he left that post*

3) He rioted damn bloody banyak times when he studied in University Malaya for Malay rights and was arrested twice for the events..

4) When he challenged Dr. M for PM post..he kept shouting for Malay Rights and ignored us MINORITIES..

Anyhow, I know his strategy has changed! *being in prison for a while makes you think you know..especially having his @$$ being ******** constantly*

He knew that the people that grows the economy are the Chinese and Indians! He needed OUR support to make a difference and therefore his strategy has changed tremendously..and guess what? IT IS WORKING! Malaysians are so forgetful of what happened in the past *fail your history some more la!* and they keep thinking of the present concurent situations that they do not think of the future..

Anyways, to wrap this up, I just think that Anwar may not be the right person to suit the job. I just think he is the ‘Lesser of 2 evils..UMNO vs ANWAR..’

Why does Pak Lah only does his work at night?

Answer: Cause he’s PM, not AM….

3) About myself..


er…I’ll start with my Likes

LIKES: sleeping, going gym, eating, watching tv, watching movie, reading, etc..

DISLIKES: irritating people, annoying people, dumb people, being stressed, etc..

ha ha! err…hmmm…

Maybe I should be clearer on this:

My perceived STRENGTHS: Cute-ness man! *eh, i’m cute okay?!* / Ability to Public Speak *Hear ey hear ey!* / Gaze into a girl’s eye and melt her HEART *cheh wah!!* / Think of BULLS**T ideas on the spot *BUSH anyone?* / Speaking fluently and gelling well with adults and kids *can’t seem to connect with my age group..*

My perceived WEAKNESSES: Lazy / Annoying at times / Insensitive / Brash About Things / Easily get bored with routines / Difficulty Breaking Bad Habits / Negative Thinking at times..



Well, there you have it..

Hmm..the time is 3.00 a.m. *WTF???!!!*

Belly still round round..blame LSF for that..=p

Gold Chan

p.s. – hungry lah..

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  1. haha.. i finally know why the eternal war between the Northern Country and the Middle Country started..

    hmm.. it’s true that anwar may not be the right person but who else can bring balance to the current Gov?

    hahaha.. yes, i know you’re cute.. =)btw, u forgot to mention something.. your perceived strength: able to carry ME.. hahaha!! means you’re very strong! mr. incredible bulk =P

    i can see your belly even if u hide under the sheets k.. wahaha.. so no point hiding away from me *evil laugh*

    p/s: i’m feeling hungry too =( i want baskin robbins *stares at my own round round belly*

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