Of the past few weeks

Wow..A lot of things have happened in my life throughout the last post that I well…posted…

Let me *errr…* get right to it.

I guess the significant thing that happened in my life was EMERGE 2008. What is that? Well, it is a youth conference held by City Harvest to inspire youth to understand and clearly know what God has installed for them.. *wink*

Well, I participated in 3 events:

1) Hosting (failed miserably..didn’t even get the 1st phase)

2) Arm Wrestling (ha ha..did not intend to join actually, however was coax-ed by my cluster leader to join and realised I was 85 KG! Wahlau-eh, overweight! So that pushes me up to the above 80 kg category..anyhow, I realised many of the participants were just FAT..hahaha! good chance for me!) So what happened, I wrestled with about 4 guys..and I managed to get a BRONZE for my effort! Wa ha ha ha! My first ever MEDAL in Emerge conference!!

3) Fastest Talker!

Ha ha! Now this is a doozy…what is Fastest Talker? basically, you’re given a sentence and you are supposed to say the sentence the FASTEST and CLEAREST way you can EVER SAY! *simple right?* WRONNGGGGG!!

It was so tough…as many as 50 participants joined this event..and it was nerve wrecking..I said to myself “Just pass first round good enough-la!* However, miracles started happening…I went from top 50 to top 25 to top 10 to top 5 until all the way to the FINALSS!! *ARRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!! jumping with joy!!!* The finals were me, Jen-Li and Hazel. *top 3 of the FASTEST TALKER! WOOO HOOO!*

The day itself came..WAHHH SIUUU!! Nervous like heck! Didn’t know that my competition will be after Praise and Worship! =p and it’s considered the LAST COMPETITION of the conference! All the top guns infront there! Wahsiiuuu…

Previously, the sentences we had to say were really short (like 10 words or less..) but for the FINALS the sentences were LIKE 20 WORDS LONG!! Below are some of the pictures:

My first sentence..wah lau! I look fat!

My first sentence..wah lau! I look fat!

This one right…I was so nervous! Bad standing posture! ha ha ha! Well, glad to say that I passed the first round!

See the sentence?!!

See the sentence?!!

Anyways, here we are! the top 2 finalist! Hazel and Me! So we were rehearsing to say this sentence REALLY FAST and REALLY CLEAR!! Woo hooo!!! AND I WON!!!! MY FIRST EVER WINNING GOLD! 3!@$#@#%$$#@$#@$!!!!! *censorship board came to this article before it could be published*

Me collecting my RSH RM 100 voucher!

Me collecting my RSH RM 100 voucher!

This is me collecting my voucher / prize / reward / honor.. ha ha ha ha! I was so like freaking happy lah!! So so tension up there! ha ha ha!



My Final SHOUT!! Ha ha! SSSMMMMMMUUUUUUUUUU! *which is my cluster by the way..Sunway Monash University – not smu..*

Anyways, I like this photo but it makes me look like SUPER FAT LAH! *By the way..I’m not THAT fat okay? eventhough I weigh 85 kg*


Well, it was good that I managed to attend all 3 days of the conference. *And Suet Foong managed to attend too! Praise God! =D It makes me happy that she saw me perform…haha* It was an enjoyable experience and it makes me wanna EMMEERRGGEE! Ha ha! Maybe I’lll join security ministry!

Anyway, Emerge was like last month. Now it’s September. This past week has been tiring on me physically and emotionally. I was so drained that I went through depression…*bloody hell..DEPPRESSSIONN?!!*

Couldn’t control my feelings as I did not look forward to this whole week at all! Had to report to my boss on a daily basis through e-mail *he’s in KK* on what I’m doing EvERYDAY! ARRRGGGHHH!

Anyways, I made a vow to choose my ATTITUDE and have the RIGHT ATTITUDE no matter what happens! So first time in my life, I went to GYM EVERYDAY for the past 5 dayS! Woo hooo! *step on weighing scale…WTF??!! 84 kg ONLY!!??*

I actually secretly am inspired to look good physically. I hoped I could possibly be a fitness model and inspire others to take up the exercising lifestyle. One of my icons that I truly admire is Stan McQuay.

This is Stan

This is Stan

I forgot whether he is Asian or Hawaiian…hmmmm..anyways, he inspires me cause he is SMART, Good looking, is a Fitness Trainer, and Owns his own gym. I feel like I want to follow that route of starting my own gym too! ha ha! *wishful dream I guess*

Well, that’s all for now…

Keep pumping and have a GREAT DAY! Wooo hoooo!

Gold Chan

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  1. O_o.. *pokes* i think i prefer you now than STAN.. his body freaks me out =(

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