This is the episode where…

Hmmmm….Today is Malaysia Day…September 16. The day where A NEW ERA Begins…NEW RESOLUTION..the day where SABAH and SARAWAK joined Tanah Melayu to form Malaysia…The day where I had dierrhea and had to go toilet….

Hmmm..I’m about to meet a potential client from the property company in 1 hour..and here i am blogging..*wtf??*

I just checked my account balance for my credit card bills…I am SO F**KING in debt man! ****!!!! I am more than RM 2k owing the credit card companies!! *****!!!!! I really don’t know how am I going to settle all my debts by end of this month…*sigh**….

I have been using credit card to pay for a lot of things…my petrol, my car repair, misc. stuffs…shit lah!

i really need a financial breakthrough in my finances…sigh….

Empty pocket...

Empty pocket...


just ate dinner. Had Singapore mee LaLa Chong Restaurant..

The client today was interesting. He is a young (30+) energetic, good looking, and ambitious sort of guy. Wow! Impressed me! Ha ha! He works out too! Shucks! The dream job! Well, hope I can get some business from him…

I noticed writing about my life to a certain extend can be boring. Hmmm..before that, I managed to find a solution to my credit card problem. I am to apply for another credit card (WHAT?? another one!) and balance transfer my remainder to this card cause the interest rate per month is only 4.99%! My current one is 15% per year! diueeeeeeee!

Let me pick a random topic at hand! Hmm…the first thing that comes to mind is sex  LOVE! Let’s talk about love!

Love is a wondrous is the very thing that keeps me alive till today. (WHAT? THat’s it?!!)

Love thy neighbours like thyself… Good biblical phrase..THAT’S IF YOU LOVE YOURSELF!

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