First…and Last…

I was visiting my old friend’s website and found this so I thought of trying it out myself! Here goes!! =D


First best friend: Benjamin Preman (He has emigrated to Australia and is now engaged to his fiance..expected to get married end of the sweet..)

First date: Hmmm…I would say Form 4 with Choo Khye Shin..(year is 2000)

First Break-up:Emilia (we were in puppy love when I was standard 3..ha ha ha!)

First screen name: Hmm…I think it was ‘ThE_KiNg’ (inspired by Titanic..’I’m the king of the world!!!’)

First self purchased album: Backstreet Boys’ first album

First funeral : Grandmother’s in 1993 (last living grand parent)

First pets: Had a pet dog when I was born

First piercing/tattoo: none..=D

First credit card: Public Bank Visa card

First true love: Choo Khye Shin..though it was a really short one..

First enemy: I guess it was Nicholas (gangster when I was standard 3..found out later that he was one of my friend’s brother..arghhh…)

First big trip: Florida!!!*went to Universal Studios and Disneyland!*

First play/musical/performance: Phantom of the Opera in Singapore

First musician you remember hearing in your house: Hmmm..tough one..Either was The Beatles or New Kids on the Block


Last cigar:None…never touched that

Last kiss: Hmmm…*secret*

Last good cry: In my dream..when I returned from an adventure…

Last library book checked out: Wow! That was ages ago..possibly Muscle and Fitness 2006 from my club’s library (before I joined the Fitness First gym)

Last movie seen: The Other Boleyn Girl (good movie..worth a watch)

Last beverage drank:

Last food consumed: Chicken Rice! (for lunch! ha ha! ta-pao-ed)

Last crush: Hmmmmm….suet foong

Last phone call: My colleague called me to rush to office..*sigh*

Last tv show watched: Friends re-run!

Last time showered: this morning! Warm shower! he he he!

Last shoes worn: my white shoes to work!

Last cd played: Becoming a Man – Liberation of Women – Pst. Kong Hee (love his work!)

Last item bought: Hmmm…chicken rice lor

Last annoyance: Rushing back to work from lunch!

Last disappointment: Er….hmmmmm….possibly that time where I was disappointed with myself

Last soda drank: Diet Coke! at McDs!

Last ice cream eaten: Ice cream cone at McD’s

Last time wanting to die: Hmmm..during my depression period..

Last time scolded: Hmmm…possibly it was during my break from Ian Zing

Last website visited:The website from which I got this questionaire from!

Ha ha ha!

Well, that’s all for now…=D

Gold Chan

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