This is the episode about speaking well and more quizzies..

I feel terribly awfully drained and useless..

Went on with my daily work of contacting clients, and guess what? Outcome = ZERO! no appointments. How do I live from day to day on a miserable paycheck without earning commission? That is just simply ridiculous. I just thought to myself, ‘How do I speak better in order to sound more convincing and have the innate ability to draw people close to me to WANT to meet me?’ *Wow…mouthful there*

Well, I just googled it..and guess what? So much information, so little wisdom! *That just sucks doesn’t it?*

Anyways, I You-Tubed and managed to find a couple of fine examples of training on vocal chords which I am going to practice right away! Ha ha ha!

Felt compelled to do more quizzies so here goes!

Question #1

*Have you ever stolen? YES! TONNES of TIMES! *mostly girl’s hearts!* Wa ha ha! *kembang kembang*
Question #2

*Have you ever cheated on a test? Hmmm…I think once or twice during primary school days
Question #3

*cheated with someone else? Ha ha…Yeap!
Question #4

*How often do you use four letter words? LOVE? All the time! FISH? Sometimes! F**K? Hmmmmm…no really that many times
Question #5

*How often do you drive above the speed limit? Hmmm..not very often but quite often..
Question #6

*Have you committed vandalism? Vandalism ah? Small small one..nothing too biggy..
Question #7

*Have you ever smoked? Ha ha! *proudly puff out chest* Nope!
Question #8

*Tried drugs? Am Asthmatic okay?! Constantly pumping drugs into my system on a regular basis..
Question #9

*Played strip poker? Ha ha! Yeah! *but with a guy..DAMN…and LOST!*
Question #10

*Taken candy from a child? Hmmmm…only when the child offered it to me ‘graciously’…
Question #11

*Crash into someone’s car?                    Ha ha! Damn! Got lah! But the car was in park mode..
Question #12

*Danced naked in public? Ha ha! *phew* Haven’t yet..
Question #13

*Ran from the police? Ha ha ha! *secret*
Question #14

*Skipped class? Countless times lah!
Question #15

*Run over an animal? Run over ah? Got knocked into, but didn’t kill the animal..
Question #16

*Watched pornography? Ha ha ha! 😀
Question #17

*Made a prank phone call? Prank call ah? Hmmm…actually, don’t think I did though..

Well, the above is to see how BAD I am…So base on the results, I am a Pretty BAD @$$! *shucks* and to think I was always goody two shoes…

Gold Chan

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  1. dude! update your blog la..

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