This is the episode of updating my life…

Dear Diary,

It’s been a REALLY long while since I came here. What shall I talk about?

Let’s go!

Name: Jin-Tian (haven’t changed my name..ha ha! Gotcha!)

Age: still 24..

Status of relationship: *seeing someone..*




Now! Let’s talk about the current economic status of Malaysia. Looks like we’re heading towards another financial crisis 2008. Hmmmm..with the subprime issues of America, it will be very soon will we see Malaysia being hit badly in the financial market as stocks shall plummet and prices of goods and services shall RISE! *with exception to petrol price of course…so happy that it has dropped to a decent price*

Now, looks like Najib is going to be our NEW PM! We will see on how he is going to do, however I have my doubts on his capabilities. Why I say so? Because I do not trust his face. He has a dubious, non trustworthy face and I believe the reason why no one challenged him is because Abdullah will not allow anyone to do so…

ha ha ha!

Now enough about Malaysia. Let’s talk about our neighbour, Singapore. They are being hit as I am typing this right now.. It is estimated that 100,000 people will lose their jobs (for Malaysians working there). However, the majority of the mentioned workers are blue collar (working in Merchandising, Factories, etc.) and the white collar friends are still not badly affected. Should the current situation persist on, they might just feel the crunch of the economy as well.


Now, work has been TEDIOUSLY exciting yet TREMENDOUSLY stressful.

Haven’t had a great social life, have not met much of my friends, neglected cell group life (haven’t gone to church for 2 weeks already)



I just received an increase in my pay! *Yahoo!*

Am involved in other aspects of the job..very good learning experience

Am contemplating to join the ARTS and ENTERTAINMENT industry..possibly theater acting. Will keep up to date about this..

I am curing my face of acne although slow and tedious process


I am still not doing well in job…only have one client

Stress level is still high..unsure about potential clients

Neglecting family..not been spending a lot of time with them..been stuck at work nearly everyday..

Well, haven’t had much motivating friends around me. Well, partially its my fault cause I have not been keeping in touch with them…..

Gold Chan

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  1. aww.. *hugs* don’t so stress ok? received higher pay?? i want Baskin Robbins!! wahahahha.. eh.. what happened to our karaoke sessions?? come out la!! stop working so hard =P

  2. Nice article… thanks for sharing…. ^^

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