This is the episode about life, work, etc.

Today I am stuck in a crossroad..

I am currently working as a Business Developer cum Trainer cum Koncho cum Assistant to everything..

Am looking back at the year past and it’s go0d to reflect on my performance

To date, how many clients have I managed to seal a deal: 1

how many contacts have I made during the duration of my work : 350

What else have I been doing during my job stay:

1) Preparing proposals

2) Meeting clients to present Credentials, proposals..

3) Conducting Training

4) Odd jobs

Now, the thing is what is my plan for this year..

I got choice of :

(A) continue doing what I’ve always been doing which I THINK my BOSS would not like (I think he wants me to find another job..)

(B) redefine my job and work harder (Which I do not know whether I can)

(C) find a new job (now..which company wants to hire me lah..just rejected one offer of Marketing Executive)

The thing I like about the job:

1) flexi hours

2) Fun (I have loads of fun)

3) The people I meet, the knowledge I gain

The things I don’t like:

1) The inconsistency of clients (last minute cancellation and bla bla bla)

2) The inconsistent mood of my boss

3) The fact that I’m not doing too well makes me feel miserable..

I just feel that I want to get more than I deserve..sigh..

Cham…I’m in a dilemma…don’t know what to do..HELP!!!!

New Year Resolution: Join KLPac for Drama Acting classes…

Gold Chan

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  1. r u ok? hmm.. meet up one day and tell me all bout it ok? take care ya *hugs*

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