This is the episode where I discuss about blogging

I read Cafe David ( recently. I notice his blog is very informative and useful. =)
Then I read Raja Petra Kamaruddin and his ‘proclaimed’ facts about the current situation of Malaysia (and he is jailed for it). I just feel..what should I write in this blog?
I just feel freedom of speech in Malaysia has gone haywire where anything that can ‘destabilise’ the social status of Malaysia should be jailed without question…*huh?!*
Anyway, being a small timer here I just feel that anything I say needs to be careful of WHAT I SAY..
Instigating politicians or anything which somehow some way can ‘destabilise’ the harmony can cause me to be in a ‘uncomfortable’ situation.
Okay…that was a loads of crap I just typed.

I just want to talk about Malaysians. We love to chit chat. Love to talk about food. Love to talk about weather. Love to talk about relatively anything. We are a nation of complainers. We love to talk and talk and talk and talk to the degree of gossiping and back stabbing and bla bla bla..
Are we so bored with our own lives that we need to talk about others? I know my own close relative who loves to talk about things he has ABSOLUTELY no control about (or more like DOES NOTHING about it). He talks about our political situation (Najib being the next PM), the TV shows (how EARTH HOUR is a waste of time..those #@$#@$ americans should do it), and etc.
Now, why talk about it? Does it solve the problem? Or does it create a negative mindset within you? The way we think (based on the Secret) is that we become what we think about..If we keep thinking negatively, we will become negative. IF we think in a positive manner, we will become POSITIVE. Birds of a feather flocks together. Same mindset, same mentality, gathers together..Therefore, who do you want to be? NEGATIVE or POSITIVE?
The real reason for our depressing economy right now is BUSINESS CONFIDENCE! WHAT is business confidence? Being positive or negative right?! Really, the way to boost the economy quickly is for people to generate wealth and income by being positive (spending, investments, etc.) and getting MONEY to flow around the economy…I’m doing my part, Are you?

Gold Chan

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