My 2nd blog

Today was an interesting day…

*pint drop silence*

Went to work, worked, left work, went home…..

*pint drop silence*

That summarises the day..

Anyways, ate full already..stomach fat, look pregnant..cham…

Well, er…thanks to SUET FOOOOONNNNNGGGGG!!!!! now I’m fat…

That summarises this blog entry..

Gold Chan

p/s – still feeling fat..

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My First Blog! :p

Hey! This blog of mine is specially dedicated in expressing my views and opinions of Life and how I have been living it to the best of my capability! =D

I would first like to thank my parents for giving birth to me and to my sister for being there for me at times of… times..

and to thank Suet Foong for creating this blog for me! *hah! thought I forgot you huh!*

Anyways, too late to say about anything now…so good night!

Gold Chan

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